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Canvas Stretching

Canvas Painter

At The Frame Shop, we offer a professional and expert canvas stretching service to enhance and preserve your artwork, whether it's a cherished family heirloom, a valuable piece of art, or a personal creation. Our canvas stretching service is designed to provide the utmost care and precision in presenting your artwork while ensuring its longevity and durability.


We understand that each piece of artwork is unique. We offer custom sizing to ensure that your canvas is stretched to the precise dimensions that best suit your piece. Whether it's a small canvas or a large one, we have you covered.

Our expert stretching methods guarantee a taut, wrinkle-free canvas, while our preservation measures protect your artwork for years to come.

Check out our wide selection of float and standard moldings in the shop to add an extra dimension to your canvas art.

Current space requirements limit us to maximum size of 20ft x 9ft


As always, all orders come with our 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE

With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, if there is anything you don't totally love about your new frame we are here to remedy it.  Bring your frame back and we will build you a new one within the same price range, within 30 days of your initial order's completion. We are that confident you'll be satisfied the first time, every time!

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