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Shadow Boxes

Custom Picture Framing, Shadow Boxes

Shadowboxes are deep frames allowing you to display treasured 3-D keepsakes such as pressed flowers, sports memorabilia, musical items, military regalia, and souvenirs. Mix items to commemorate a milestone occasion, recall a beloved vacation, or give as a heartfelt gift.

3-D Shadowboxes can be hung on a wall, or stand upright on furniture, shelves, and countertops. So why keep your memories in the shadows?

Ideas to Display in Shadowboxes:

  • Seashells or hobbies

  • Travel Memories

  • Military Awards

  • Clothing

  • Collector’s Items

As always, all orders come with our 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE

With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, if there is anything you don't totally love about your new frame we are here to remedy it.  Bring your frame back and we will build you a new one within the same price range, within 30 days of your initial order's completion. We are that confident you'll be satisfied the first time, every time!

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